Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A few weeks ago I noticed an ad inside Marketing Magazine for the Mobile Marketing Conference. I felt shortness of breath with deep twists in my gut: Not in a good way at all. I felt lied to, deceived and incredibly insulted by Marketing Magazine, Rogers Publishing and the industry. I did not get a slap on my the face, but a fist tight knock-out punch. But why??? Because the one page ad had the following text: It's not new media, It's MASS MEDIA!

MASS MEDIA???? And they own a magazine on marketing and the biggest communications holding in Canada (Rogers). Nothing but the best example of how CANADA is so primitive when it comes to MARKETING. Just like they killed online by MONETIZING (milking) it as if it was traditional media, they are already killing Mobile. And it’s only in it’s infant years.

PEOPLE! Remember that news papers, magazines, tv and radio are dying and it’s the result of the business model. If new media arises, please be clever enough as to implement SMART models that make it work for clients, media and people. Or we are going to end up closing mobile like we did e-mail, but it was to late when it became permission based.

Hum... I don’t understand how some of these people have 6 figure salary jobs for killing everything they touch....

New media and mobile are NOT mass media and certainly should not be treated like such. It also stands true for experiential, digital interactive boards and promo. These are not even media, but the only clear channel available to establish communication.

I read two interesting statements that work well to close my case. 1. People are simple, they just wear complicated shoes. 2. Courtesy of Expresso Brand Infiltration: “The NO bull shit approach”. I wish everything followed those principles...

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