Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Experience the story

Like in the golden years of the 7th art, we recently stumbled upon a fascinating story that made us cry, laugh, stick to the arm rest and shake our booty: All in a two hour movie. We’ve had Forest Gump, La Vita E Bella and maybe American Beauty that comply with being well told stories for the big screen.

In the realm of experiential marketing we believe at times that we are everything that traditional mediums are not, just because they are traditional mass media. Under the premise that there is a sound difference between experiential tactics and experiential methodology; Not all events are experiential marketing and not all traditional marketing communications tactics are experience-less.

A compelling narrative with an involving rhetoric and a well told story, blows audiences out of their socks and shakes their hearts off their chests!!!  An awesome, remarkable, memorable and relevant experience.

TOUCH AND BE TOUCHED in your human fiber !!