Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monetizing experiential marketing?

I saw a story on the digital version of Ad Age, where the heading reads: 

Flying With the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

Time Inc. Title Launches Experiential-Marketing Unit, Partners With Southwest, Nissan, SoBe

The fact that a marketer of this caliber (TIme Inc.) is seeing opportunity in experiential marketing is interesting.  Where one would think that they are taking strides to bring content and their brand into peoples everyday life, or maybe create that personal relationship beyond subscriptions... NOT HAPPENING !!!

 A lot of ideas came to mind when thinking of RELEVANT brand interactions with this particular announcement. But I underestimated the destructive power of greed. Yes, they are a media company and instead of increasing readership as a result of the potential LIVE engagement, they decided to create a new revenue source. Selling ADVERTISING OPPS to potential sponsors while staging a hormone driven city attraction out of female skin! Imagine a plane wrap of a blond, almost anorexic model and a tropic lounge in Mid Manhattan being served by striped down beauties.... 

I feel slapped in the face by the promise of a quick fix when all they are doing is giving the wrong name to this primitive advertising real state business.