Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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WIND MOBILE: The new frontier in Canadian wireless.

Summer’s gone, kids are back in school and companies are back in full swing. Though, this years summer was wet and rather cold, we are off to a warm and sunny start of the fall season!

Canadian wireless communications companies have been working hard for the past 6 months as a result of new licensees coming to the marketplace to share the airwave spectrum. The OLD guys (Bell, Rogers and Telus) are scared and full of reasons to be so. After a long profitable oligopoly, real competition is coming to town and in full throttle like Globalive and it’s brand Wind Mobile.

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From every aspect, this is the most exciting time in canadian business and not just for them but for the market, networks, marketing and advertising, device manufacturers, resellers and most importantly: Wireless users ( you and me). This is nothing but the perfect storm and a lot of heads are going to roll, while the worthy are going to rise.

Having experienced wireless companies in other markets both as a user and as a marketer, I can attest that canadian wireless offering is primitive due to a poor user experience, scarce product offering, low market penetration and most importantly because it’s lagging in customer service/experience. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that WIND MOBILE is aligning a fierce stance where there is so much to be done.

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Haven’t we all experienced pains with the current service? Pricing? Devices? Contracts? and most definitely with customer service?? I’m sure thats a unison YES!! So, in the best of intentions Mr. Tony Lacavera, a young communications and technology mogul, decides to ride the wave of opportunity and starts leading the NEW experience in Canadian Wireless. Based on the very basic premise of positive customer experience and a fair return on engagement, he is putting together what promises to be a revolutionary brand with which Canadians are going to finally experience fulfillment in wireless services.

Just now, before any disclosure of plans, pricing, devices or even being officially launched, WIND MOBILE is shaking it’s competitors. They are desperately acquiring more and more customers, tying users to extended contracts and even dropping the unpopular system access fee, while shifting to a more personal tone in their marketing message.

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I am a very unhappy customer and I’m sure many other canadians share my discomfort with the wireless rip-off we EXPERIENCE in the middle of the tech age living in a developed country like Canada. This is how I envision my ideal experience with wireless: “Maybe out of a sci-fi movie or from the Jetsons”

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- Choice is the norm: To have enough devices to choose from... Small is good for some if they just want a phone, since not everybody wants a mediocre tech gadget that has bad resolution camera feature, a terrible audio player, bad games and a majestic screen when the phone is the size and weight of a brick. I would like to see Inspector Gadget type of devices the size of lip-balm or a key chain and are GSM tri-band; still being just a phone. Right on the other display, I want to see the regular tier 2 phones that offer mid range applications like built in camera, WAP and even a decent music player... and yes, they also have the phone feature. On an opposite display I want to see the full range of tier 1 devices in the leagues of Blackberry, Iphone, HTC Dash, Samsung Jack, Palm Pre, LG Incite, Motorola Q, Sony Ericsson Experia and what ever relevant device appears in the market. On center stage and as the key VALUE PROPOSITION I see the customer experience INTERFACE aka customer service. Here things are simple, communication is clear with no tech buzz-words and paper work has no confusing fine print. People are fun, engaging and just like at the Apple Store, they are cool geniuses that facilitate humans life through technology. The atmosphere is inviting, inspiring, joyous, RELEVANT and enables a genuine brand experience... It’s not a store nor a complaint center, it is the HUB for the ULTIMATE WIRELESS EXPERIENCE.

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On air: I get the sound quality expected from 3G standards, world wide coverage, integrated online/on-air account services that I control, all the basics that I have to pay for with my current carrier are included (voice mail, call ID and text msg.) and no waiting time when prompting customer service. Additionally, I have awesome bandwidth to run all my data applications which enables me to work and play hard anywhere! All this for a ridiculously fair price, where I get no surprises in my invoice and have no pressure from a contract. My mobile interface is so cool that I can manage my settings from my virtual (online/On-air) desk: Here I can set up preferences like electric car setup, favorite destinations, traffic and news alerts, sync calendars and contact lists, control blue tooth devices and enable my credit card for transactions with my phone.

While this may be a futile futuristic wish, I believe that WIND MOBILE is doing the right thing. They are pushing the right buttons and pulling the right strings. They are listening before speaking, and putting together an offer based on real needs from a growing number of unsatisfied mobile users. They believe, from their statement on their website, that: Conversations make things better. They are going to go further and break through by doing something simple: Everything that no one else has ever done!!! Like using our help, feedback and opinions to shape a mobile EXPERIENCE like no other.

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I want to be a WIND MOBILE customer, advocate, ambassador and disciple. Where is the line????