Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People marketing 101

 How Barack Obama marketed himself to becoming the US president?? Everything that has ever been written, thought of and done in the marketing realm, was done right with Obama the brand. From the very essence of being a non traditional brand, coming from the fringe to getting all the relevant 3rd party endorsements that made a difference. The perfect “from grass to mass” example where CNN would intertwine with YOUTUBE and move the fiber of the electorate, real people.   No other brand has been worthier of news than Obama and no rock star has filled stadiums like he has.  At the end, his message was clear and simple: Change, Hope and now!!!  A call to action has never sounded more eloquent and the pitch has never been less of a pitch and more of a story.

For people around the globe,  America needs a new course and a new order.  A black man is suited for the role and from every end of the planet there is clamor towards the new future of the empire. Now the environment is relevant and there is a voice thats stand up for it. There is a calling for unity for america to rise:  The america of african american population, latinos, south and south east asians, asians, middle eastern people, are going beyond the color and accent while really connecting with a sound message of hope. We all believe!

But far from a poetic and orchestrated plot for Barack Obama, he enabled marketing at its best. With a surprising speed to market and a genuine attribute, the principles of marketing have been redefined to the new era of web 2.0 and integrated communications. Put together Aid Africa of the 80’s, Wood Stock of the 70’s and the political changes in Germany and Russia;  And the justified result is this revolution we are all witnessing today.  

While building the fabric of this revolution from the grass root, there is a clear canvas that rocks to pop culture. The very fractured media landscape was united again and it was making sense to get messaging via facebook groups, twitter, local tv news, radio and word of mouth. Massive public appearances that resembled rock concerts, collaboration from celebrities inviting people to vote, endorsements from P Diddy and Lauren Hill to Bruce Springsteen and John Leguisamo, within a line of super stars headed by Oprah...

Wow!!!! It is indeed an exiting time for marketers, americans and the world. We saw history in the making through determination and very smart tactics that blew the world out of their socks. Obama is one of us and the world is now a place for all of us.  

All my best Mr. President and let the new world order begin!