Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New ways!

Remember the time when the world and life would happen in a TV box? Alternatively, we had the movie theater to expand our imagination and have a mental flight. But  a long, long time ago this experience would be exclusive of the theater for plays and music. Today, as human beings we are essentially the same as 80 years ago. Though technology has brought bridges between other cultures and even satellites in other worlds, we are MOVED by experiences that are positive and gratifying. Like those in the movies or sit-coms, based on real life and inspired in real people.

We are all in that business. The business of people and moving peoples heart and emotions.  even though some have never thought of it of maybe never realized it: We are in a people business... I must ad, that we are not in the business for the sake business:  Market share, niche, cross promotion, marketing mix, positioning, segmentation,  crm, cpm, HITS (How idiots test success), affiliate marketing, CUT THROUGH THE CLUTTER(my favorite), out of the box, strategy, asp, blogroll, ROI(an other classic), cpa, INTEGRATED(famous fatale), reach, coverage, traffic, impressions, awareness, fragmentation, mentions, endorsement, tag, multi-layer, etc, etc... I bumped into a site called Bull Shit generator, which holds a vast collection of marketing buzz words that are worth a laugh!

As clients feel the pinch from the economic slowdown, they start sacrificing MARKETING budgets. I'm not surprised, considering almost every business model runs on high paid brass, under paid labor and marketing based on crafted ROI metrics: Humm...

So, what happens to the sponsorship this summer, the invasive take over on internet portals and obviously, the master brand's national campaign?? Marketing becomes an off the shelf pad of millions of dollars that fails to ENGAGE, TOUCH and MOVE audiences. It happens today in the era of iphone, internet and customer empowerment. I’m not in the role of a priest at a Hooters party, but there is right doing and wrong being!  

A few days ago, the world saw with awe Susan Boyle’s performance at Britains got talent. In just a few of the YouTube videos the numbers are staggering: 10,822,056 views, 37,343,775 views, 4,551,940 views, 7,395,899 views and they go on and on... She has more views than Barack Obama’s inaugural speech or any marketing viral video ever. But, why is this such a craze? Many got inspired, cried and yelled in joy, while others compared it to past underdogs like Paul Potts, though everybody was MOVED!! Nowadays, what ever is great spreads in a matter of seconds and more often than not it happens through twitter, facebook and also email.  

The new economy meets new media and because of the very nature of both, marketing and branding have to be better and clever as well as genuine. ENGAGE, TOUCH and MOVE your audience or your agency, client and big fat cheque are gone, like the rest of the old economy.

A few marketers get it and I found these gut twisting samples:

I am an e-motion creative and engagement manager: Rendering actions and experiences that TOUCH emotions and engage PEOPLE! I am in the business of MOVING people.