Friday, July 31, 2009


An old marketing adage states: “Repetition makes the message stick”. Today, past the midpoint in the digital revolution and hopefully past the dip of the economic reset, marketing communications powerhouses on both the client and the agency sides are still strategizing around old ways (models). For the agency is a fair deal since their business is media placement and repetition brings more revenue even with a good media package. But, they CLAIM they are about partnering with their long time clients, they are about long term strategy and the health of the brand.....

But, where is the flaw??? Why many of the old time power houses like GM, Nestle, J&J, and Pepsi are loosing market share while their profits decline??? Why are their integrated marketing communications agencies/strategic brand partners not foreseeing the shift in the market place? Are the big guys slower to react to market behavior? Or is Alvin Tofflers predictions a reality we haven’t yet realized....

For the past 10 years the market has matured in such a way that there are now fewer and less effective ways to CONNECT with audiences. Well beyond having a selective attitude, target markets are now micro-segmented, in constant transition, variable and incredibly resistant to marketing: They SEEK real value for their money and meaning. Ah??? Meaning in marketing? Not just that, but meaning in the relationship they have with brands, how they communicate with them and WHY as people, couples or families should they care..... about the message.

Some pundits and marketing heretics are considered lunatics, even today! In the age of music sharing, community based shopping, Iphone and SEM, these minds get it right and succeed at what they do by taking their clients through the right path. And I'm not referring exclusively to those who embrace new technologies, but all those who adapt and adopt change.

Our challenge as marketers today is to learn how to surf, read the tides and have fun in the water. There are no ocean cruisers anymore and the Titanic sunk! We communicate to engage, but forget to understand who and why we are talking.

In marketing, small and smart marketers will prevail if they understand experiential marketing methodologies, lest our big brothers step on us.