Thursday, January 8, 2009

The experience revealed

I remember when I was a tender child and had experiences that changed my world like: Atari, Betamax, Color TV and digital wrist watches.... Yes, we all had those moments of revelation and grandiose feeling. And in the time where branding was starting to glow in the eyes of media impressions, we all joined the ranks of marketing economy. 

For the past decade we’ve witnessed the rise of a new breed of thinkers who create, define and develop experiences intended for marketing. Putting aside the obvious service statement, which at times is ridiculously oblivious, we miss the essence of the experience. As consumers, as marketers and as people,  we forget that we make decisions and choices upon good or bad experiences.

A lot of happenings throughout the last two weeks, but I want to share my EXPERIENCES with AMERICAN AIRLINES, an atypical restaurant called ANDRES CARNE DE RES and 20 minutes at Toronto Pearson International Airport

1. While I booked online and at last minute, no one deserves to fly like cargo in economy. 

2. Have you ever had a great meal in a bizarre place and loved it?? If you are up for my chronicle of the ultimate gastronomic experience keep reading. 

3. Finally, my statement on airport advertising and media monetizing myth.