Sunday, May 3, 2009

in the moving business!

So, it seems that the industry is starting to realize that we are in a people focused 

business, where impressions are not weighted on a ROI metrics grid against media 

buys. It’s starting to shift to interactions based on ROE (return on engagement): A 

relationship model on brand experiences. 


As marketers, communicators, community activists and development agents, we move 

peoples emotions to win their rational selves as fanatics. We have the world as a 

canvas and a whole lot of possibilities to connect people with brands on an opt-in basis. 

Let’s work, play, perform, celebrate and live with them.... 


“What they want is products, communications and marketing campaigns that dazzle 

their senses touch their hearts and stimulate their minds – that deliver an experience.” 

                                                            | Bernd H. Schmitt - The Experience Economy 

 * Images courtesy of On the groung looking up, blog. 

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