Wednesday, May 6, 2009


That's what it takes to do great stuff nowadays. Though the time calls for urgency in everything we do, every industry and every Jack is in a rush to do things differently. 

All the geniuses in the world call for a creative approach and those in dead industries like news papers, auto, travel and MARKETING: Are bragging about new ways, while the business for business sake is dead and their safest bet is to cut cost and take care of business as usual!

Those who dare to be really different and creative, manage to survive the self created ad NOISE/CLUTTER by touching audiences in a genuine and authentic manner. Therefore, creating and fostering relationships...

One of the marketing gurus of out time: Seth Godin, said: "Dare to be different". And even though everybody is paying attention, our rusty socio-economic helm is having a difficult time steering the wheel.

My favorite trend spotter Jeremy, brought these two videos to my attention again. 

So in the spirit of sparking an other good reason to be different... Just do it! Dare to 
go the other way, the un-usual way!!

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