Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experience redefined!

The next generation in urban mobility:

At the pinnacle of our civilized existence we are noticing all of a sudden that we’ve been hiding a lot of dirt under the carpet. Far beyond politics and green fanaticism, we have been killing our planet through CO2 emissions due to irresponsible use, conception and terrifying relationship with automobiles.

Since the use of electricity went mainstream, people have thought of bringing electric vehicles to mass production and use. Most of those initiatives have not been welcome by governments and have found huge resistance from petroleum producing countries as well as car manufacturing economies like US and Canada. But at this time and age it is a definite alternative, considering petroleum is scarce, prices are out of control and we have to stop polluting the world we live in...

The way we think about CARS is so wrong that the new car is going to be REVOLUTIONARY. How??????? You are not the owner of the vehicle which allows you to be worry free about old boring things like: Maintenance, parking, insurance, CAA, winter tires, car wash, gasoline and oil change, to name a few. So, companies that act just like cell phone operators have lincences to operate electric vehicles in certain areas. Just like with a mobile phone plan, you are a subscriber and you pay a monthly fee based on a plan + additional consumption and add ons, or you pay as you go... But you get so much more than a car: You get the car of your choice within the electric line that ranges from sports like the Tesla, big berliner like the Volt, compact like the Renault Clio or a family car like the Bluestar. You can choose to drive it yourself or have it with a driver/Chauffeur for your convenience. Every car is fully charged and has a real-time systems monitor that keeps you informed of overall performance and estimates your power consumption for the next re-charge..... For example, here is how it would work:
Magna International gets new Michigan HQ for electric vehicles, hybrids thumbnail

I access my user interface online, where I have my account status, service preferences: Vehicle preference/availability, locations, common destination/service options, as well as GPS-location based news alerts, traffic news, alternative routes, charging stations and reserved parking. This interface can be accessed through the internet, a mobile app or the integrated control screen on the cars dashboard.

Last night I reserved a ride share from home on Richmond Hill just outside Toronto. A few of my neighbors work in the financial district, so every day we take a car for us 4. We use to get a different car avery time just to check them all out, but we decided to stick to the Chevrolet Volt since it’s powerful and has great interior space. We all use the free wi-max capability inside the car(except the driver of course) and have independent bluetooth alert for call management on the control screen. We could use the car speakers if it’s a friend of ours or each can use their own bluetooth device with out even touching the phone. Since we are driving a fully electric car and we are car pooling we have exclusive use of the speed lane down the highway and since we have a GPS navigator we know where traffic clogs and were it floes, to make our ride fast, safe and CLEAN!!!!

We all go into the parking lot around the financial district, where there is a EV valet lane and the car is received by the usual concierge: He greets us all by name and wishes us all a great day. As I walk towards the elevator, Mike (the EV concierge) asks me if I left an umbrella in the sports car I used the day before. I nodded, so he says: “I’ll prep it up for your lunch meeting and put an umbrella just in case”. Good day, again!!!!

We part ways and agree to meet at a certain time for golf after work.... Once in the main floor, I have to cross the street to go to my office building, while I do that I check my balance on my smart phone.......

Soon, on a corner near you: Smart urban mobility solutions with "zero" emissions!

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