Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who’s riding the Christamas RUCKUS!!!

OK! So put together the economic (crisis), political (change) and consumer (paranoia) in the best time in the year for retailers, credit cards and tourism...... That’s reality today in north america and maybe the rest of the Santa Clause fan world.

And who’s to blame for the crisis when CEO’s still make absurd salaries and redefine the concept of corporate perks, when corporations chop labour but maintain chubby salaries mid way up, when innovation is conceived as expensive and not worth, while government parties toss the blame on one and other by choosing to save workers or companies. The world still goes round, people still shop and the market is adaptable to the time and its moving forward in the failed model of capital consumerism.  I guess all those MBA’s deserve a lesson in human nature to avoid letting all the PARANOIA run loose!

GM is feeling the pain of horrible branding while being busy at saturating the market with big (gas burning) cars and in turn its looking into killing Pontiac, Saab and Suzuki. Let me remind you that these brands where acquired in the midst of market dominance not aimed at client satisfaction.... And on the other hand, we have the Toyota landmark! Which in a slightly different approach, thus with the same business model. It's introducing value propositions that make a difference in the market and in peoples lives. Yes, they are also feeling the crunch, but you don’t see the Toyotas, Hondas, Citroens, Renaults or even the Mercedes' begging for a bailout plan (tax payers money)! Smart businesses face change and adapt to it and in the words of jedi master Seth Godin “Finding new ways, more clever ways to interrupt people doesn't work”

Just a prelude for my in depth analysis of the media scape and how the creative business is not walking the talk.........

See you tomorrow!

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