Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready... GO!!

The hardest part of most endeavors is to get started. It doesn't necessarily stand true for gym memberships after January, but it generally is.

So, I started reading blogs a while ago and the list started to grow both in themes and styles, types and topics. Some evolved and transitioned into audio or video podcasts, while staying true to their blogging habits but just making the blogosphere more robust and rich. Ever since I remember, I’ve had this need to critique, to speak out my opinion and to challenge ideas! Good, bad, outstanding or horrible, I’ve always been moved to put my point of views out there. And yes.... It took me a while to find the IP as my wall. I’ve been considering it for a while now and today: It is starting to happen.This space is also a manifest of my know how. A declaration of my experiential marketing self and definitely a yell to keep up the good work.

Trying to put my ideas in order of priority makes me feel like WIKIPEDIA (So much inside/ where to start). I pondered on the canadian scene when it comes to impressive work in the experiential front... And YES, there is impressive work. Not from the usual suspects who brag about awards or accounts, but by the real strategists here. I’m talking about a group of agencies under the umbrella of Taxi (Taxi Toronto, Taxi 2 Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and New York) . I’ve never talked to any of them and  never had a relationship with them. This is my honest and unbiased opinion from the stands, based on the work I’ve seen out there in the great executions for Mini, the incredible stuff done for Fanta and also their cool work for Plan B, as well as what they’ve done for Telus.  

This is where the juice starts pouring! I’ve been in close watch of the work done by the so called “Experiential Marketing” agencies a.k.a. promotional marketing agencies doing events (referring to activations), and it’s sad. It’s sad that small - medium agencies start doing business on the great premise of experiential marketing, but run their business short like a traditional Advertising shop. (As seen on TV Ref. MAD MEN). Pursuing impressions and awareness aiming for opposite metrics that justify the buy. As if they where a media product, but some young media companies are doing such thing right around the corner; By offering promotional services and activations as part of their media package! Hum....

And that’s where Taxi shows it’s magic and splendor: While being a player in the integrated ad agency world and doing a great job with very profitable accounts and impressive expansion. This creative shop brings the idea of being different out of the obvious pitch for other agencies, their work rocks and they deserve all my respect. I see great story telling, super smart strategic alignment and a lot of very clever executions. BRAVO Taxi !!

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